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  • There’s a good chance I can help your business or start-up venture. My expertise is information marketing, publishing, as well as business start-up and development. I've sold tens of millions of dollars of advertising for publishers in eight countries. I wrote two best-selling books on advertising sales, one of which is still available on Amazon in the Kindle Store. I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business owners and start-up ventures become profitable. Granted, some of my ventures failed.....and three of my ventures were colossal failures! I take the responsibility.....with addendum!
  • Here’s what people are saying about me:

  • We subscribed to Mark’s fee-based e-Letter The Great Bear Market in 1998. His advice, counsel, ideas and investment strategies were extremely profitable to our company and to me personally. Mark does more than talk and chatter. He’s been in the trading “pits”, and understands how big control or move financial markets hands. I’m a big fan, and I count him as a friend.Dr. Lawrence Denning
  • Mark’s commentary in the Liberty Street Letter is priceless. He was the ONLY newsletter writer or editor who recommended selling real estate stocks, ETFs and home builders in 2006-2007. We not only made money we protected our investments.Daryl Yates
  • I’ve been a subscriber to Profit Center Dispatch for more than four years. I’m very happy with Mark’s investment recommendations, and especially shorting muni bonds, going long gold ETFs and natural gas leases. Heather Benton

Business / Financial Advice

Mark is one of the most innovative and business savvy entrepreneurs I have ever met. He has an uncanny way of tapping into what drives consumers, and more importantly, makes them convert. He knows what they want and need, and how to speak to them in a way that gets results. These are some of the priceless attributes that has made him so successful in the industry and why he’s been dubbed, “The King of Business Opportunities”. I would work with Mark on any project, in any niche … because I know it will pay off. Wendy Oca Montes MBA

Mark has an uncanny ability for spotting profitable trends and creating simple profitable businesses around them. There are a ton of people selling push-button “sit by the pool” type programs which claim to make a million dollars instantly. This is NOT what Mark does. He’s a simple guy, making a ton of money in simple ways. If you have a chance to meet Mark in person you will be a richer person, GUARANTEED!Roger Fung

I made more than $15,000 because of Mark’s recommendations and counsel. Mark’s the real deal…an entrepreneurial genius and teacher. Sharon Chelsea – Business Owner

My company has been working with Mark for more than ten years. My experience is super positive. His professional advice, business savvy and start-up expertise has always been very helpful …and to the point. Mark’s direct marketing insight is invaluable to us.Marina Sovenkova - CMO

I’ve been in business for more than four decades. I’ve made and lost money. But I’ve never met an entrepreneur with more insight and care and concern for people than Mark Smalley. He trained our staff on a new way to sell advertising, and his tactics tripled our sales in one year. His counsel is a must for anyone who does business on the Internet too.Phillip K. Sterling

Mark has provided priceless insight to our business ventures for more than twelve years. He cuts through the BS and instinctively gravitates to the money making formula. We would never look at a business opportunity without consulting with him first.Robert Bennett

I started a profitable web-based business because of the ideas and instruction I received from Mark’s weekly email and blog.Frank Staro

I was exposed to Mark’s business savvy at and I heard him speak at an Info Marketing Bootcamp. I was so impressed I approached him after his talk. I was pleasantly surprised how open he was. Mark has continued to be a great sounding board for our business ventures. I value his opinion and consider him a mentor and a friend! M. Bann - CEO

I know Mark well, and I can attest to his business savvy and ability to make money. In my experience, (more than 45 years of business ownership and deal making) I’ve been exposed to a lot of entrepreneurs. Mark stands out from all of them. He’s incredibly shrewd and resourceful. But he’s also passionate about helping others make money.Paul King

Mark helped our business in several ways. It was interesting to watch him work with our managers and employees. He’s actually the nicest guy we’ve ever met. I know “nice” means nothing in the business world. But Mark motivates people with his love and kindness. He is passionate and very knowledgeable about business, reducing costs and the Internet.Lawrence Masterson - Entrepreneur

I attended an “after hours” event in Delray Beach with several entrepreneurs, Internet marketers and publishers. I cornered Mark with questions about online businesses I was considering as investments. He quickly discounted two of them, and asked me to send him more (specific) information. I did, and Mark continued to follow-up with me after I bought one of the businesses. I count him as a friend and mentor.Jason Anderson - Internet Entrepreneur

Mark’s email newsletter insight and list building expertise is some of the most powerful on the Internet. He’s helped all of our ventures immensely. But you’d never know it when meeting him. Mark is super humble, and very approachable.Trevor Bienevecca


Mark Smalley

Entrepreneur, Writer, Editor, and Information Product Guru

PO Box 972
Camden ME 04843
Mark's Blog
(207) 594 5808

Writing, Development and Editorial Projects / 2002-2010

  • Yahoo! Unplugged Editor, Lead Writer, info product development (column, website reviews and commentary) six years Best Rated Travel – Founder/Editor – Columnist (sold to private equity 2010) The Great Bear Market – Founding Editor, writer, marketing director Business 2.0 – Freelance contributor, editor Digital Content LLC – Freelance columnist, editor, product developer Amazing Formulas for Advertising Sales – Author, editor, forum moderator Business Financial Publishing LLC – Freelance financial copywriter, info product marketing Investors Daily Edge – Freelance copywriter, editor, info products Fast Company – Freelance contributor, product development Digital Company (IDG Books) – Lead writer, product developer, marketing On demand content: articles, special reports, e-books, newsletter and info product development Freelance ghost writer: blogs, RSS feeds, articles, e-books, websites, newsletters & forums
  • Current & Recent Contract Writing, Development and Editorial Projects

  • 2010 to present Profit Center Dispatch (Agora/ETR) Founding/managing Editor, marketing The Great Bear Market – Founding/Managing Editor, columnist, website, forum Digital Content LLC – Freelance columnist, editor, contributor, info product development Business Financial Publishing – Freelance financial copywriter, marketing consultant, info product developer Early to Rise LLC (Agora Inc.) – Writer, editor, info product developer and marketing consultant Ka-Ching! (Agora Inc. / Early to Rise) Founding/managing editor, copywriter China Wholesale Trader (ETR) Author, editor, copywriter, and forum moderator Tower’s Anti-Aging Bible – Author, managing editor, Internet marketing, backend products
  • The New Real Estate Riches –Author (e-book / DVD), Founding/managing editor, newsletter, forum moderator, and product development
  • Deep Discount Network (email newsletter, blog, website) Founding/Managing editor, marketing, copywriter
  • The Insider’s Commodity Trading Edge – (Book, eLetter, social media) Author, Founding/Managing editor, seminars, info product development
  • The League of Power – Weekend Business Blueprint – (subscription eLetter, column) Founding/managing editor, Columnist, and forum moderator
  • How to Beat the System without Going to Jail – Author (e-book, eLetter, Kindle), editor, and info product development
  • The Liberty Street Investor (Agora Inc./ ETR) Founding/managing editor, lead writer, and consultant
  • Investors Day – Columnist, editor, copywriter, information product development
  • Digital Business Blueprint – Columnist, editor, information product development
  • Contract Ghostwriter – Kindle/Nook/iPad books
  • Ask Marc Charles (blog) – Founder/editor, moderator
  • Early to Rise LLC – Contributing editor, e-books, content on demand and info product development(Miscellaneous projects: eBooks, social media management, Ghostwriting, Kindle books, email newsletters, Clickbank products, and startup advisory)
  • Legal Finance Journal – editor, contributor, social media manager
  • Sovereign Man Confidential
  • Gentlemen’s Guide to the Apocalypse (Author, e-book, eLetter, managing editor)
  • The New Google Underground (Author, Kindle, blog)
  • Forex Cheat Sheet (Author, Kindle, Barnes Noble, blog)
  • The ETF Miracle (Author, Kindle, blog, trading advisory)
  • Marc’s Weight Loss Miracle (Author, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, blog)
  • The New Real Estate Riches (Author, Kindle, Barnes Noble, forum)
  • Consulting Projects & Clients

    (Editorial, Marketing, Business Startup, Expansion, VC and info product development)

  •,, League of Power, Health Sciences Inc, WebCEO, Jayde Online Inc., Best Rated Travel LLC, Investors Daily, Medical Associates LLC, Agora Inc., Idexx Ventures, Programmers Heaven, Mobile Evolution, ViralTags, Nadeau Imports, IDG Publishing, Vent Mobile, InfoEmpire, Wealthpire,, American Artists and Writers Inc. (AWAI), Blacksmith Publishing, David Newcastle Publishing, Bravenet Media, Mobile Gaming Awards, Sovereign Man, Kindle Publishing Group LLC,

My Story

I’m a successful entrepreneur (online and off).

I’m also a freelance writer, editor and information product developer. I’ve advised hundreds of entrepreneurs, companies and startup ventures.

A handful of my Internet projects were very successful including search engine development, news aggregation sites, membership websites, an ad agency and e-commerce applications.

I began my Internet adventure in 1994 as an editor and columnist for Yahoo! Unplugged, which became a bestselling book, online resource and interactive CD.

My Yahoo! column and reviews (more than 8500) were featured in Wired, Bloomberg Personal, The Wall Street Journal, Internet World, AOL Channels, CNBC, The Internet Edge, Web Digest, Fast Company and Business 2.0, as well as syndication.

In 1999 I developed the first HTML email newsletter advertorial. Email advertorials continue to be one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet. I generated millions of dollars in sales with them, and helped dozens of publishers do the same thing.

My passion is helping entrepreneurs, publishing and startup ventures grow and succeed. My "muse" is identifying great business, investment and financial opportunities, and writing about them.

When I write or talk about business ideas or startup ventures I try to do it in a clear and lighthearted way......focusing on “tipping point” ideas.

There's no reason to boast, in fact I'm an incredibly humble guy. But I've written (and ghost written) several bestselling e-books. I’ve also developed profitable e-Letters, information products, search engines, membership sites, subscriber premiums and mobile applications.

My Kindle/Nook books include The ETF Miracle, How to Beat the System without Going to Jail, Forex Cheat Sheet, The New Google Underground, Shark Tank Tactics, Money Making Monsters and Commodity Traders Edge.

I continue to write and speak at special engagements, as well as consult companies, entrepreneurs and publishers on rising trends and legitimate business opportunities. I live and work in Owls Head Maine and Clermont Florida.


Here are a few of the books I've written, developed or published for others.....
You will find additional titles available on, and the App Store


Sales, direct marketing and more.......

  • I've written hundreds of sales letters, landing pages and promotions (online and off).
  • I've had my share of losers, and a handful "so-so" promos.
  • But I've had some multi-million dollar winners too (many still being used today).
  • I've acquired an understanding of what works and does not.
  • My passion for writing sales letters and promos is well documented (or ask my clients).
  • I can only commit to a handful of large scale promotions each year because the time involved, and because of other ventures.
  • I also donate my time to projects...non-profits and select startup ventures.
  • However, short form sales letters or landing pages are a different story. I typically write two or three sales letters or online promos a month.
  • If you think I can help your venture - please drop me a note and we can talk.
  • Recent Promo Headlines and Leads for eLetters and Other Info Products

    1. The Secret to Outrageous “Off-Wall Street” Investment Returns

    The secret to outrageous “Off-Wall Street” investment returns is doing the exact opposite of what most Wall Street brokerages recommend, sell or promote to the investing public.

    That’s easier said than done.
    In my article today I’ll show you how we’re doing it.

    If you followed the advice of the most prestigious Wall Street brokerages over the past six years – and relied solely on their advice – there’s a good chance you’re underwater, broke, or worse.

    For one thing, several Wall Street brokerages have vaporized – kaput. If you had money in one of these brokerages its probably safe if another brokerage acquired the assets.

    But it’s crucial to understand one thing: Wall Street brokerages were not built on helping the investing public make money.

    The bonuses handed out to Wall Street bankers and brokerages over the past 10 weeks should be proof enough.

    New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said nine Wall Street banks and brokerages which received U.S. aid paid out more than $32.6 billion in bonuses.

    Did the investing public at these banks and brokerages receive any of this money?

    The tactic for securing outrageous returns is by doing the exact opposite of what Wall Street recommends, sells and promotes to the investing public.
    Here are three specific examples for today’s market…

    2. Wall Street Shortcut to the World’s Easiest Money

    The easiest money on Wall Street right now is with derivatives.

    In my article today I’ll peel back the shroud of secrecy on derivatives, and show you how to make money with one of them.

    What’s more, I’ll show you how to contain risk like a financial “czar”.
    First of all, derivatives are not evil. Derivatives did not cause the financial crisis we find ourselves in.
    Derivatives have been traded in one form or another for centuries.

    On top of that, when politicians start mumbling about “curbing”, “limiting” or “increasing regulation” on derivatives, you can be sure they’re a day late and a dollar short.

    The minute “curbs”, “limits” or “increased regulation” are placed on derivatives traders will move to exchanges in other countries. But this is a long way off.

    You can’t stop the trading of derivatives because they are irrevocably tied to almost every financial instrument in the world.

    So, let’s get started…

    3. A Miser’s Guide to Living Like a King, Debt Free in the Most Beautiful Place in the World

    “That’s impossible. Nobody can live debt free today, unless you’re homeless”!

    That’s what an entrepreneur said to me this week.
    But I’m living debt free in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’m not homeless. He was amazed when I showed him how I’m doing it.
    Today I’ll show you how I’m doing it.

    But before I get into specifics, I’ll address your skepticism right off the bat.
    Whenever I talk about living debt free the first response is typically the same, “Yeah, but…”

    In other words, a lot of people look for an exception to the principles involved.

    For example, I was having coffee this week with a good friend and I blurted out one benefit of being debt free. My friend replied, “Yeah, but not all debt is bad”.
    I had to agree with him.

    Sometimes you need capital to start a business.
    So the focus of my article will be on the benefits of living with no personal debt.
    Here’s my “Miser’s Guide” …

    4. Why an Assisted Living Millionaire Cried When I Showed Him an “Off-Wall Street” Money Making Tactic

    “It can’t be that simple”, W.D. replied.
    “It is. Let me show you another example”, I said with a smile.
    I was showing my friend an “Off-Wall Street” money making tactic I learned from a seasoned commodities trader.
    As I drew another example on a blank sheet of paper with a blue Sharpie, W.D.’s eyes welled up with tears.

    “What’s the matter” I asked, concerned.
    “I’ve been investing for more than 40 years, and I’ve never seen anything so simple and yet so powerful”.
    And get this…My friend is not a spring chicken when it comes to making money. W.D. has made several million dollars buying, upgrading and selling nursing homes and assisted living faculties in New England and Arizona. He would be considered a “savvy investor” and businessman by all accounts.

    And yet, he missed a simple tactic traders use all the time to make money.
    I’ll show you this tactic, and maybe you’ll cry like a baby too.

    5. Cutthroat Billionaire Negotiating Tactic Works Every Time to Get What You Want

    We met at a coffee shop in downtown Wausau Wisconsin.

    My new friend did not mention he was filthy rich, I learned this about a year later.
    My friend, PS, taught me a negotiating tactic which made him very rich. I still use his tactic in my life and businesses to this day and I’ve done pretty well too.

    Today I’ll show you the tactic in all its glory. The tactic works every time to get what you want.

    The billionaire and I eventually became good friends. He helped me in dozens of business ventures, and a couple of bankruptcies too! He never gave or loaned me a dime.
    What’s more, my friend was surprisingly “average”. He wore the same clothes two days in a row, he never wore watches or jewelry, and he loved simple home cooked meals (and burnt eggs).

    But when the topic of making money came up he was no longer “average”. He perked up and focused like a major league ball player waiting for a 96 mile per hour fast ball.
    He used to say, “Whenever you buy something you’re the loser. So make sure you negotiate from the bottom up”.
    In other words, whenever you buy something (with the exception to making retail purchases like at WalMart or the grocery store) it usually depreciates in some way. The key is to always know the bottom line the seller is “secretly” willing to accept, and negotiate down from there.
    For example, you’d like to buy a used car from someone. They’ve listed the car for $5,200. But “secretly” the seller would be willing to take $4000 and be done with it. If you know the seller’s absolute bottom line, start negotiating at $3,900 and go down from there.
    My friend taught me sellers are typically more desperate than buyer’s, and there is the secret to getting what you want.

    6. How to Make $3750 by Investing in People with So-So Credit

    Even in today’s depressed economy start-up entrepreneurs and consumers need capital. There’s an opportunity to help them - and make a nice return on your investment.
    Here’s the deal…
    Start-up entrepreneurs and consumers are finding it hard to secure capital from conventional sources like banks and credit unions. The new banking regulations and red tape have become onerous.

    A good friend and business owner told me, “I feel like a circus monkey. I’m performing tricks and begging uptight bankers for cash”.
    But the market for hard money funding; money direct from investors, companies, trusts and wealthy individuals is a hot rising trend.
    In this week’s article I’ll show you how to invest in start-up entrepreneurs by supplying capital to them with limited risk and earn 8-15% interest on your investment.

    For example, a $25,000 direct investment loan to a start-up entrepreneur or consumer you could generate a return up to $3,750!


    I've developed sales letters, promotions and marketing strategies for these companies:,, League of Power, Health Sciences Inc, WebCEO, Jayde Online Inc., Best Rated Travel LLC, Investors Daily, Medical Associates LLC, Agora Inc., Idexx Ventures, Programmers Heaven, Mobile Evolution, ViralTags, Nadeau Imports, IDG Publishing, Vent Mobile, InfoEmpire, Wealthpire,, American Artists and Writers Inc. (AWAI), Blacksmith Publishing, David Newcastle Publishing, Bravenet Media,and Mobile Gaming Awards, and Sovereign Man

    If you need help increasing sales.....drop me a note.
    I might be able to help you with a short form sales letter, landing page, email advertorial or marketing strategy
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